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Batch printing

How if you have more than one drawing files to be printed? Open up one of them and press print button, wait it finished printing and then go to one another? This may take half a day if you need to print many files.
Now you can take advantages of DWGSee batch printing to finish this task in few minutes, simply browse and select all files to be printed, and then choose to print all layouts, with or without model space, then press print button to send all of them to printer.
(Kindly please note, this function may consume a lot of paper, to save our environments please do not print unless you have to)

How to do that…

Go to “File” > “Batch Print”.

If you are in the DWGSee “Browser Mode”:

Option1. Go to “File” > “Batch Print”

Option2. Hold “Ctrl” and click the drawings that you need one by one in current folder, when finished, right click on any of the highlighted file and select “Batch Print”

Press “Add” and choose a bunch of files to the print list, you may select bulk layouts to be printed.

Note: You may also use the “Layout Select” button to choose “Paper Space”, “Model Space” or “All Layouts” in one go.

Note: You may still set the number of copies, print in black and white, etc. in the other two tabs “Print Scale” and “Line Width”.

If it is the first time you use the DWGSee print function, please click “Print Setup” to set the printer properties, or just press the “Print” button and wait for your papers.