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DWGSee Browser Advanced Features

DWGSee Brower is AutoCAD independent. It is not only a drawing file viewer, but also featured with advanced functions. You can quickly add markups and print, easily count entities in a drawing, simply convert to PDF or image using the export feature and more.
Besides, with the DWGSee Browser mode, you can batch print, search texts in multiple drawings, compare differences between two drawings for advanced.

Batch print

While we’d all like to print less, evaluating documents on the computer screen is challenging for many people for both physiological and cultural reasons. DWGSee batch prints DWG/DXF/DWF documents from a list which can be automatically printed in document sequence of your choice.
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Search text

DWGSee will loop through all chosen directories for a given text. All occurrences of matched drawings will be listed on screen for your review. You may open any of the result and use the “Next drawing” and “Previous drawing” buttons to quickly view the matched drawings.
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Simply select two drawings and perform an instantly visual comparison. DWGSee Compare automatically scales, rotates and aligns two drawing revisions, then highlights all identified differences with easy to see dash squares. The “New entities”, “Modified entities” and “Deleted entities” are put in categories that marked in different colors.
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